15 mrt 2024   |   19:30 – 21:30

Musetta Ensemble was born from the idea of downsizing pieces from operas and musicals to produce pocket-size performances that can reach both smaller and larger audiences. The Ensemble began from the standpoint of creating tailor-made, balanced musical arrangements; while striving to explore creative ways to bring chamber music and vocal accompaniment closer together. The ensemble performs excerpts from a variety of works where the audience is introduced to different leading roles; as if one were having a cup of tea with their favourite character. Thus, making the music more accessible and allowing the audience to experience a broader yet intimate music experience. Both the orchestral and vocal scores are thoroughly studied by the Ensemble in order to be arranged into a format that fits the instruments, while maintaining the integrity of the original music.

Musetta Ensemble presents an exciting trip through the music and culture of South Africa, Italy, France and Spain. All members of the ensemble come from Spain and South Africa and met at Fontys Academy of the Arts in Tilburg.
Ashley Stapelfeldt – Soprano
Mónica Rollings – Flute
Rebeca Romero – Clarinet
Almudena Curros – Bass Clarinet
Toni Inglés – Piano


Hasseltplein 7, 5042 AB Tilburg


Maandag t/m zondag van 9.00u tot 19.00u


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